Mi Tierra Tortilla

Springfield, MA

Mi Tierra Tortilla

From left to right: Miguel Ixcuna, Derek Gavegnano, Dora Saravia, Jorge Sosa

Against All Odds

After the Mi Tierra Restaurant in Hadley was completely destroyed by a fire in October 2013, owners Dora Saravia and Jorge Sosa needed to think creatively in order to maintain their wholesale tortilla business. Their tortilla machine was installed in the restaurant and was also a total loss. In order to keep serving their customers, they decided to make the tortillas by hand. While this solution addressed the immediate need, it was not viable over the long term so Dora and Jorge approached Common Capital about a loan for a new tortilla machine. We knew right away that Mi Tierra Tortilla would be a great match for our partnership with Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program which would allow Dora and Jorge to access business assistance to expand their wholesale markets and access the capital needed to buy the tortilla machine.

Mi Tierra’s tortillas are a fantastic product made from locally grown, heirloom corn varieties, contain no preservatives and an organic option is also available. Mi Tierra plans on purchasing 50,000 pounds of local corn in 2014 from growers here in the Pioneer Valley. They are also able to pay a premium price for the heirloom corn varieties that will give the tortillas their unique flavor and Michael Doctor, formerly of the Food Bank Farm, is working as a liaison to the local farming community to expand their network of growers. For more information on where to purchase Mi Tierra’s tortillas, please visit: http://www.mitierratortillas.com/.

Common Capital began working with Dora and Jorge soon after the tragic fire and is providing ongoing assistance to them as they explore their options to open a new restaurant location. Michael Abbate, Chief Operating Officer at Common Capital commented, “The loan for the purchase of a tortilla machine will help this sideline business continue to operate and grow and we feel strongly that the added support and promotion the Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream program provides will help Dora and Jorge take the next step towards re-opening their restaurant.”