Crystal Childs, founder and digital marketing manager of Splash Marketing and Creative of Westfield, offers digital marketing services bolstered by face time with experts in the Twitter, Facebook and Google offices.

Crystal Childs is a marketing specialist with an enviable claim to fame. Her experience in growing awareness for clients comes from the time she spent in the offices of the experts at Twitter, Facebook and Google and her ongoing connections with the online gurus. “I’m blessed to have had opportunities that the average Joe doesn’t have,” Crystal says of her time in 2014 at the powerhouse companies.

The founder and owner of Splash Marketing and Creative in Westfield, MA, Crystal partners with us at Common Capital to help our clients build marketing plans that raise awareness and translate into business growth and success. We are proud of her background and experience and how she puts it all to work for local businesspeople.

“I thrive on the creativity of marketing and helping clients,” she says. “Seeing results for clients is great, and helping them grow their business and be successful with something they didn’t understand is awesome.” When she was a child, Crystal spent her time drawing and painting and being creative; it was all she wanted to do. “As I grew older, I knew I wasn’t going to find a career as a painter, so I pursued graphic design,” she says. “I just loved going to work every day. As my career developed, it involved more and more creativity, and I feed on that.”

Crystal’s been in the graphic design and marketing industry for 16 years and moved into her space at 16 Union Ave. in Westfield in the spring of 2016. She oversees a seven-person team of creatives. Together, they offer traditional marketing, such as photography, direct mail pieces and print ads; digital marketing and social media management through Google ads and website builds and management; and graphic design services.

Her favorite client success story revolves around an elevator manufacturer that you might not expect to benefit from a presence on social media. “I took on their digital marketing. They knew they needed it,” she says. “They were folks from an older generation and didn’t really understand digital marketing. I proposed a Facebook page to them. They kind of laughed. They didn’t think their clients were on Facebook. “It’s been about eight months,” Crystal adds, “and now they get a call at least once a month from a Facebook ad the prospect saw.”

Crystal says every client her team works with becomes a part of the Splash family. “We find ourselves wanting nothing more than for each business to succeed, and we often go above and beyond to make that happen, just as one would for a family member,” she adds. The Splash Marketing team began collaborating with Common Capital last summer. “It’s been a wonderful experience,” Crystal says. “We’re meeting a lot of businesspeople in the area, and I have a lot in common with them. I’m building a business myself. It’s been a great experience.”

Crystal is a member of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce and sits on its events and marketing committees. Visit Splash Marketing.