Three Simple Steps to Winning More Customers and Growing Your Business

These three simple steps to winning more customers and growing your business might seem elusive to you as a business owner. And, while social media, marketing and advertising are three huge fields of practice that require experience and precision to master like a pro, you already know how to do the following three things in order to successfully bring in more customers and grow your business.

These steps are tried and true. They are inspiring to you as a business owner as well as your customers. They elicit the love and passion that brought you to this venture.  They do take some time to perfect.  Give yourself room to grow—don’t give up on your dreams!

Be the Best: Create value for the market. Generate content that solves the problems of your potential customers.

Creating content is an easy way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, in turn driving brand awareness, creating new customers and generating new revenue. Simple yet well-written content that is authentic and clear works! It answers a question. It doesn’t have to push or sell. Good content creates informed consumers who will buy from the source they trust: YOU.

Good content can be shared on a number of platforms: via blogging, newsletters, email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.  It can be used to drive consumers to your website and steer them in your direction.

What is good content? It’s what you already know and love. It is in your voice, in your style of language. It is the information that lets customers know you are the expert. It can be something you read in a trade publication. It can be something you learned while keeping yourself abreast of your industry trends. It should be things that you are familiar with, the things that you talk about with ease and joy.

Here are a few examples of content topics for different businesses:

An Italian restaurant: Number one reason why Italian food is a healthy option for a busy family.

Gym or personal trainer: Top trending exercise routines for adults with lower back pain.

Coffee shop: Benefits of drinking coffee daily—besides warding off the inner grouch.

Carpet Cleaners: Research shows that you can lower your seasonal allergies with a bi-annual cleaning.

Esthetician or retailer who sells skin care product:  Five ways to take care of your skin in the winter.

Keep it fun. Keep it simple. On a day when you feel inspired and clear, make a list of the top 10 things you can write about or talk about with ease and joy. You will get better at it as you go.  Ask others for support, editing, inspiring. Take notes as you talk. Don’t let the “writing” bring you down. Be creative about sharing what you love. Find ways to get the information out of your head an in front of your market!

Hit the virtual pavement and get out there:  Be present, make friends. Sharing is caring. Notice others to get noticed.

This can be the scary part.  Some business owners find it difficult to publicly display content, show their stuff, toot their horn, so becoming visible can be overwhelming. It is vital to your business. This is the way all businesses have always found success. Success is in the relationships that you build. Get on social media. Reach out to others, comment, react and engage your market. This is somewhat like old-school networking. Nobody would say that getting out in the community, shaking hands, handing out business cards is bad for their business. We all know that this is a major part of growing a business.  How do you do it on social media?

Being present on social media is more than just posting endless posts that no one reacts to. It means working the specific platform like it was a networking event or party that you are excited to go to. The good part about this is that it is free!

On Facebook, you can post on you own page—and invite customers to respond. You can create events, special offers and incentives to insight awareness. More strategically, you can post in community groups that align with your business mission or product/services and interact on the pages of other local businesses and organizations. Do this with grace and tact. Social media is meant to be fun and social. Hard selling anything is not likely to invite customers your way.

Kick it up a notch and respond. React and interact with other peoples’ posts in local groups.   Make friends with people you haven’t met yet by interacting on social media. Try this two or three times per week.

That is one of the reasons so many people are on social media—interaction, connection. Be the connector!

Here is an example of an excellent connection. A local business owner promoting another new business owner! And in doing so, they earned both acknowledgment of good community membership and a promise for patronage. Well done Holyoke Hummus!

Invite others to the party:  Have a call to action.

When you want people to come to your party, you engage them in a fun and inviting way. Promoting your business needs to be the same!  Be your best self and ask for what you want.  Always.

This is the other part of being the connector. Ask for what you want. Tell your customers what they need to do:

  • Talk to our expert team today.
  • Join us!
  • Call us!
  • Book now.
  • Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Share this post with your friends and family.
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Comment below.
  • Like our page!
  • Bring a friend.

Make it simple, sharp and persuasive. Use positive, easy-to-read, accessible language. Can your reader get what you want from the information in a quick glance? Will it direct them to interact, go to your website or call you? People scan on the internet, therefor your information needs to be presented in a concise and easy-to-access format. Two hundred and fifty characters is a good target.

Below is an excellent example of a small business owner who had an awesome call to action.  This post even created some excitement—notice one customer tagged her friend to see if they would be at the party. Nice job Camp K-9!

The last step is to put it all together! 

Be yourself. Share what you love.  This is the reason you are in business for yourself!  Tell others what they need to know to solve their problems.  Make friends and build trust by being the expert that you are.

Be the connector by commenting on other peoples’ pages and posts. Share the things that you like and tag people that you want to create relationships with.

Go out of your comfort zone. Be bold and brave. Shake lots of hands. Let others know what you want.

This takes time, but it won’t do it itself.  Practice, learn and get feedback.

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